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Black Friday in Canada: A New Tradition

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the BIGGEST shopping date on the United States calendar, and has held that title for a number of years. Stores all across the US offer some of their most outstanding deals of the year.



black friday


Since it usually falls on the day after American Thanksgiving, many see this day as the unofficial start to the Christmas holiday season (which makes it a perfect time to get all your Christmas shopping done!).

The origin of the name is a topic of great debate among many Black Friday enthusiasts, but the most common answer we found in our research is that it stems from the age-old practice of companies recording their losses in red ink, and their gains in black. Seeing as some companies begin to see a higher profit around this time of year, Black Friday seemed like an appropriate name.

What’s the big deal?

Black Friday is home to some of the best deals of the year (statistics show that the savings are comparable to or even better than Boxing Day sales!) so while you, as the customer, get to reap those benefits, it’s also a mega boost for the economy.

Reports show that more than 61 billion dollars got infused into the US economy on Black Friday 2013. In just one day! Now that’s some serious growth.

How does Black Friday help Canada?

For a long time, Black Friday was solely celebrated in the US. Canadians would travel hundreds of kilometres to the States so that they could get their everyday items and high-end merchandise on sale. However, if Black Friday in Canada were to become established as a new tradition, there would be quite a few advantages…

Shopping locally is beneficial for a variety of reasons, not least being that it helps your wallet.Sure, taking a family road trip to the US for a weekend of shopping is fun, but it also means time taken off from work, and money spent on gas and hotels (not to mention what all that driving is doing to the environment!).

Supporting independently owned, local businesses helps the local economic base grow, creating a more prosperous and sustainable place to live, work, and play. So get out there and take one for the team (a Black Friday discount, that is!).

Black Friday at Inspirations Dancewear

Paying a visit to our southerly neighbours isn’t a crime, but wouldn’t you rather be able to have the same deals at your favourite stores nearby? Well, now you can!

For the past few years, Inspirations Dancewear has been at the forefront of introducing Black Friday to Canadian dancers. Since we know that dancers LOVE to wear black, we’ve decided to make it a Black Weekend:

We'll be hosting our own Black Weekend sales and promotions at Inspirations Dancewear – both at our location and our online store.

This is the perfect weekend to stock up on warm-up wear, Rac n’ Rolls, pointe shoe booties, garment bags, and more. Sign up to become a VIP member at Inspirations and you’ll get shown to some red-carpet (well, black carpet, I suppose) deals!

All in all, Black Friday is an exciting time of year and represents many rewarding opportunities for a variety of people, places, and businesses. So come visit Inspirations Dancewear for Black Friday Weekend, and we’ll help you get inspired.

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