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Yogavated Athletics - Brand Spotlight

If you’re looking for cutting-edge gear to spruce up your workout wardrobe, look no further than Yogavated Athletics! This Florida-based startup works with artists from across North America to dream up an exclusive collection of “active art” each season.

Yogavated Athletics

When a top-tier graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology joins forces with a prior military med lab scientist, you can bet some imaginative designs come out of their workshop. Check out this video from their Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show!

Not only does Yogavated create outstanding and innovative activewear, they do it in an environmentally and socially responsible way. As a proud “triple bottom line” company, their impact on the environment and the people involved in their industry is just as important to them as making money! Not many companies can say the same.

Environmentally Sustainable Brand

As one of the most environmentally harmful industries today, the world of fashion has a long way to go before becoming sustainable. Yogavated wants to change that. All fabrics used at Yogavated are made of recycled scraps collected from other fashion retailers across the US. With their own excess material, they create anything from headbands to dog beds, reusable rags and more. Every article of clothing from Yogavated is created at their Orlando workshop. This allows the company to streamline their production process and minimize waste. Through their partnership with environmental charity One Tree Planted, Yogavated has also promised to plant a tree for every headband sold on their website. Now that’s some environmental action we can get behind.

Yogavted Wear Art

Socially Ethical Activewear

From concerns about child labour to the Rana Plaza factory collapsing on thousands of workers, the fashion industry has seen its fair share of social catastrophes. Yogavated is committed to creating a more socially conscious business model. Every single part of Yogavated clothing is made in North America, down to the very thread that ties them all together! They relentlessly research suppliers in order to ensure that only those with wages, manufacturing processes, and carbon footprints that meet Yogavated standards are allowed to join the Yogavated process. It’s often said that “the easiest way to get something done right is to do it yourself,” and Yogavated really took that to heart. Once the base materials are acquired from their trusted suppliers, they assemble every item by hand at their workshop in Florida. This allows Yogavated to truly ensure that working processes and conditions are up to par.

Yogavated Wanderlust Logo

As for the artists they work with, Yogavated makes sure that they receive all the praise and recognition they deserve. Every artist’s signature can be found on all items bearing their work, and their contact information is located on the corresponding hang tags. Beyond that, each artist gets a spotlight on the Yogavated website and Yogavated social media pages. Of course, they also receive royalties from all artwork used.

Yogavated Hang Tags

The Future of Fashion is Green

Moving forward, Yogavated would like to feature work from artists all across the globe. Additionally, they hope to change the current apparel industry into a self-sustaining one that integrates social issues and the environment into its decision-making process. We at Inspirations Dancewear are proud to offer Yogavated Athletics and wish them the best in their endeavours.

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