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Dot2Dance Portable Dance Floor

Whether it's finding scratches on the hardwood from your tap starlet or a ballet slipper full of holes after your leading lad decided to practice his turns on the driveway, having dancers practice at home can be a real challenge if you're not prepared.

Protect Floors and Shoes

One of the newest innovations in the dance world is the Dot2Dance, a portable dance floor that protects dancers and their environment at the same time.

Dot2Dance Tap

Made with a slip-resistant backing, the top of the Dot2Dance is covered in genuine dance flooring to give your dancer a more authentic practice experience. This tap board, turning board, and dance floor combo was designed to have no exposed staples to avoid snagging costumes or scratching floors.

Available in 3 Sizes

The Dot2Dance is a quick and easy at-home dance studio on a budget. Available at Inspirations in three different sizes:

  1. Pointe Size (16" diameter) - perfect for tiny dancers or practicing your relevé in pointe shoes
  2. Petite Size (24" diameter) - awesome for finding your center in turns
  3. Grande Size (32" diameter) - great for a variety of dance styles

Dot2Dance portable dance floors can be used for anything from learning lyrical to practicing pointe.

Dot2Dance Portable Dance Floor

A Great Dance Gift

The Dot2Dance makes a great gift because it’s flat enough to fit under a bed, and light enough to hang in a closet with a hook. Dancers love it because they get to make the most out of their practice, anywhere they want.

Take Your Dance Floor Anywhere

Easy to pack in the trunk or backseat of your car, this portable dance floor is perfect to bring along to competitions and conventions. Warming up is a breeze on the Dot2Dance, and it's usually safer than whatever tile or concrete the convention centre has designated for dancers.

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