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Girl Power Sport - Brand Spotlight

We love brands that do an amazing job at inspiring and uplifting dancers. In this post’s spotlight, we’ll be looking at Girl Power Sport - a US brand that focuses on empowering girls in athletics, dance, and gymnastics.

Girl Power Sport

Beginning of a Movement

The creator of Girl Power, Lisa Fairman, was born with a heart defect that limited her ability to be active. After numerous operations on her heart, she was able to commit to an active lifestyle. Since making that commitment, she’s finished 21 marathons and even a 50k race. She was very inspired to pass on what she had learned by living through these experiences, so she started encouraging girls via coaching.

Empowering Philosophy

The creative mind behind Girl Power wants girls who wear her products to feel empowered. Girls are encouraged to be proud, assertive, team players who know that the odds can be beaten while preserving a sense of kindness. Strong, active, goal-oriented individuals are more of what this world needs, and Lisa wants to help as much as she can.

Charitable Kindness

According to Girl Power Sport, girl power is all about giving back to the community in which girls compete. As such, they donate a portion of proceeds to any 1 of 13 charities that have been researched and vetted by GPS. These charities range from the Special Olympics to Girlstart, a charity focused on increasing girls’ interest and involvement in the STEM fields.

Made in North America

All Girl Power Sport products are designed in the Northwestern US and are hand-sewn in California. Each product is designed to fit bodies in a way that allows the garment to move with the wearer and feature fabrics with refreshing and inspiring patterns that are sure to set you apart from the crowd. We love that they include patterns that cater to many types of interests like space, animals, and science. A fun fact is that their leotards have no tags sewn into them because they’re itchy and uncomfortable for wearers. Instead, they print all of the information onto the inside of the clothing.

Girl Power Sport blends style, function, and social action in a way that not many brands can. If you have any questions about Girl Power Sport or their products, feel free to give us a call or email, or come visit the store in person.

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