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So They Think She Can Dance?

Free People is a clothing brand that is introducing a dance-inspired line this season. Too bad they weren't inspired enough to use a dancer in their promotional materials.

What this video points out is that ballet is really really hard.

Although the model looks great in the outfits, she can't even stand properly. She did a port-de-bra and didn't hit one position. Her shoulders are either scrunched up or pulled back out of alignment with her hips. And when they showed her feet, she was either sickled or falling back in the box while attempting to go en pointe. All this while the voice-over talks about her lifetime of dance training. All the teachers I know would be deeply embarrassed if this was the result of a decade and a half of training at their studio.

The video really makes me appreciate the brands that are all about dance. The ones that cater only to dancers and wouldn't dare present an adult who claims to have been dancing since she was a child, clearly with only a couple dance classes under her belt.  It really undermines the years of work, sweat and artistry that goes into dedicating your life to dance.

The saddest part is that there are thousands of dancers that would have looked amazing in the clothing and could really dance in the commercial. I could come up with a dozen customers, just from my store, who would fit the bill with their passion, their body shape, and a tonne of skill. It's a shame that a opportunity for this kind of exposure was given to someone who only looked the part.

I want to know

I'm curious to know if other dancers find this as offensive as I do. Will a misrepresentation like this make a difference in your choice to buy these pieces?

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