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Top 10 Dancer Gifts

Our 10 best selling gifts this holiday season

Customers have voted with their pocketbooks, and here these are our best selling dance product winners…

1. Dot2Dance Portable Dance Floor

 portable Dance Floors

Available in 16, 24 and 32 inch diameter. This portable Marly floor makes it safe and easy to warm up, turn and tap regardless of your location.

Dot2Dance Portable Dance Floors are selling FAST and we are sure to sell out.

2. Dance Apothecary Set

Dance Apothecary Set

Let your ballerina treat their body right this season. The adorable reusable bag comes with: Brise Spray - a muscle recovery cooling spray Pointe Powder - to keep those hard working toes dry Releve Relíef muscle rub Plie Pedi Soak - perfect for every dancer to ease foot cramps and stimulate circulation 

3. Dancer Problems Kit

Dancer Problems Kit

Totally cute AND totally useful #bestOfBothWorlds #cleverGiftGiver 

4. Jete Master Water Bottles & Apparel

Jeté Master Dance Hoodie

May the force be with your dancer…Well it will be for sure with any of these unisex Jeté Master apparel and water bottle  .

5. Dancer Gift Boxes

Dance Gift Boxes

These curated gift boxes are not only a GREAT value, but also come ready to hand to your dancer the moment they arrive. Each gift box comes with specialty wrapping and glitter tissue paper for that extra special sparkle.

6. Dance Mom and Dad Mugs

Buy them separate or as a set! Found exclusively at Inspirations.

7. Water Bottles

Dancer Water Bottles

Your dancer can be smart and sassy and hydrated with these clever dancer water bottles (Our fave is the one that says 'Don’t Make me Whip Out My Fouettes’ - gotta LOL every time.) 

8. Foot Stretchers

Ballet Foot Stretcher - Dancer Foot Stretcher

These new designs of the FlexExpress Foot Stretchers are flying off our shelves again this year! 

9. Caboodles

Caboodles Dance Makeup Cases

Fit all your dancer’s jewelry, make-up and hair accessories into one stylish carry-all! These train cases will be useful for you and your dancer for years to come!  

10. Warm Up Booties

Dancer Warm-Up Booties

They are warm and cute and protect dance shoes backstage - Always on every dancer’s holiday list! 

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