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Aluminum Heel Kit


Aluminum Heel Kit HK01U from Capezio is a perfect addition to customize your Tapsonic tap shoes. This black powder die cast aluminum heel allows you to completely camouflage your Tapsonic shoes. With this heel kit, you can replace the original silver heel with this all black variant and it will blend in completely with traditional tap oxfords. The heel weight is the same as the original. This heel kit offers tappers a heavier feel and deep, solid heel sound.

Features of the Aluminum Heel Kit

  • Solid black look
  • Same weight as original Tapsonic heel
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials

Please note that this heel is only compatible with the K542 Tapsonic shoe. Please refer to the Tapsonic manual for instructions on how to change the heel.

Aluminum Heel Kit


Product Sizing Guides for Capezio

Capezio Tapsonic Heel Kits

 Heel Size Dance Shoe Size
#1 5 to 8
#3 8.5 to 11.5
#5 12 to 14