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Casual Ballroom Sneaker


Portdance PDCAS001 Casual Ballroom Sneaker features a suede sole and comfortable insole allowing for flexibility and great feel of the floor. The soft leather, sneaker like seaming and padded achilles make this a comfortable and stylish shoe.

Casual Ballroom Sneaker


Product Sizing Guide for Portdance

PDCAS001 Casual Ballroom Sneaker

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Choose This Size 40 EUR / 7 US 41 EUR / 8 US 42 EUR / 8.5 US 43 EUR / 9.5 US 44 EUR / 10 US 45 EUR / 11 US 46 EUR / 12 US 47 EUR / 12.5 US

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This shoe is in men's sizing. For ladies sizing, please go up 1-2 sizes from the US size listed.