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Eclipse Leather Contemporary Shoe


Eclipse Leather Contemporary Shoe SO609L from Bloch is a superior shoe that gives you a barely there look while dancing. The supple leather upper protects the foot without restricting movement. Silicon backing on elastic strap to prevent strap slipping while on foot. Leather outsole for turning ease, and cotton terry lining for comfort.

Features of the Eclipse Leather Contemporary Shoe

  • Supple leather upper
  • Vamp cut hugs the foot without restricting movement
  • Silicone backing on elastic strap to prevent strap from slipping while on foot
  • Cotton terry lining under foot for comfort
  • Leather front outsole with traditional ballet shoe pleating for turning ease

For the canvas version, see style SO619L.

Eclipse Leather Contemporary Shoe


Product Sizing Guide for Bloch

SO619 and SO609 Eclipse Contemporary Shoe

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