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Seamed Fishnet Tights


Bodywrappers A62 fishnet tights are footed and seamed down the back of the leg. Made of Total Stretch soft nylon/lycra, they are designed for ultimate comfort.

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Seamed Fishnet Tights


Product Sizing Guide for Body Wrappers Tights


Β  Height (Feet) Weight (lbs)
Girls XS/S 2”6-3”2’ 25-35
Girls Small 3”3-3”8’ 40-50
Girls Intermediate 3”9’-4”1’ 50-60
Girls Medium 4”2’-4”6’ 60-70
Girls Large 4”7’-5”6’ 75-95


Β  Height (Feet) Weight (lbs)
Ladies Small 4”10-5”4’ 90-115
Ladies Medium 5”1’-5”6’ 105-130
Ladies Large 5”2’-5”8’ 115-150
Ladies X-Large/Tall 5”4’-5”11’ 125-165