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What is the 'Customized Traction' Offered on Apolla Shocks?

In addition to their unique compression arch-support for dancers, Apolla Shocks come with the option of having what they call 'customized traction'. 

Traction or No traction: You Pick What You Prefer

Every dancers can choose whether they want traction at all. If so, then the Apolla customized traction is designed to let them adjust the level of grip to they have optimum amount for whatever surface they are dancing on, while still being able to glide.

Grip is Adjustable

Apolla Products with traction come with it already infused into the Shock. It starts off tacky, but after some time in class it will break in. At which point you may prefer just a little grip, of you can increase the level grip with rosin or other products, and re-apply as needed.

The grip will not damage dance floors.

Apolla Recommends Traction in Most Cases

Apolla recommends that dancers choose Shocks with traction for all uses except on carpet (at conventions) or high-quality marley flooring.