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Which is Better? Apolla Shocks Versus Lyrical Turning Shoes

Lyrical turning shoes is a category of different products from multiple brands. Turning shoes are distinct from other dance shoes, as they usually have a minimal amount of material to allow the dancer to feel the floor as much as possible without going barefoot. Some have less fabric than others and often only cover the ball of the foot, on which the dancer turns. The goal of most of our turning shoes is make it possible for dancers to turn on dance floors when practically barefoot.

Although we do consider Apolla Shocks to be in the same category as turning shoes (at least for now), the goal in the design of Shocks is to protect feet, ankles and knees using compression, arch support and shock absorption.

We invite you to try a pair of Shocks and feel the difference for yourself. We think you'll discover that comparing Shocks to Lyrical Turning shoes is like comparing apples to the colour pink. They are just not the same.