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5 Dancer Hacks

After many years of working and living in the dance world, we’ve picked up a few tricks here and there. In this post we’ll let you know 5 of our all-time favourite tips and tricks for everyday dancer problems.

1: Keeping Hair Pins in Place

Spraying bobby pins with hairspray before putting them into your hair makes them far more likely to stay in place.

Keeping Bobby Pins in Place with Hairspray

2: Breaking in New Shoes

Using a blowdryer to heat the insides of new shoes before wearing them helps break them in much faster.

Breaking in New Shoes with a Blow Dryer

3: Treating a Blister

Oral anesthetic gel can numb small blisters, cuts, and bruises in a pinch.

Treating Blisters

4: Sewing a Tear

Dental floss can double as industrial-strength thread on any rips or tears that happen unexpectedly.

Fixing Rips in Dancewear and Shoes

5: Massaging Sore Feet

Use a tennis ball to massage sore feet and muscles when your tools aren’t on hand.

Massage Ball for Sore Feet

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