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Five Fun Dance Competition Hair Accessories

Nothing makes an outfit like the right accessories. For dance competition, hair accessories allow you to easily change your look from one number to another. The Inspirations staff picked 5 of their favourite dance competition hair accessories for you to try…


Rhinestone Leaf Applique

1. Rhinestone Leaf Appliqué

We love this unique rhinestone leaf applique hair accessory because it is equally beautiful and versatile! It can be worn with the following: (1) a high sock-bun style ballet bun, (2) a low neat bun at the nape of the neck, or, (3) a high, sleek ponytail.

The Leaf Appliqué creates a different look than traditional rhinestone hair accessories. It can be pinned into the hair to curve around a bun or chignon, or pinned flat against the head.

*BONUS* This hair accessory also doubles as a costume embellishment. It can be sewn onto fabric as an appliqué, to give elegance and sparkle to your costume.


Build a bun

2. Build-a-Bun + Rhinestone Choker

This simple, yet sleek hairstyle is amazing because it combines accessories and products that you will surely already have in your dance Caboodle.

First, using the appropriate size Build-a-Bun, create a voluminous, high ballet bun. Make sure that the base of the bun is wide and evenly round.

Next, wrap a rhinestone choker necklace around the bun base (using v-shaped bun pins).

Tuck the end of the choker necklace chain into the bun so that it stays hidden while dancing, and creates a easy elegant look that is perfect for a ballet or lyrical.


Flower Hair Accessories

3. Flower or Feather Fascinator Hairpieces

Fascinator hairpieces are a great alternative to flashy, glittery rhinestone accessories. They are a statement piece that can add personality to a simple costume, and to the persona of the character being portrayed. This flower fascinator is a useful piece since it can worn multiple ways: (1) It has an elastic so that it loops around ponytails and pigtails, (2) a clip to slide in beside up-dos, and (3) a pin which can be added onto a costume as an embellishment.



4. Tiaras

Tiaras are a fun way to add a small amount of sparkle and sophistication to your dance costume. We especially like small the ones that have a built-in comb so that they can slide into a bun or up-do. Tiaras are a great idea for a ballet or lyrical solo, especially for the younger dancer. Make sure to use enough bobby pins to ensure that the tiara is secure and won't slide around (or off!) while you are dancing on stage.

This large tiara with peaks in the photo is perfect for all, from young ballerinas to advanced dancers, because of its timeless design.



5. Dazzling Rhinestone Headbands

Rhinestone headbands are a great option to traditional barrettes and pins - they add sparkle and shine all around the dancer's head as they move, twirl, and jump across the stage.

Headbands can be worn with a variety of hairstyles: ponytails, buns, half-up styles, and hair that is left down.

This rhinestone headband has large individual AB stones that pick up the stage lights beautifully. We like this one especially for jazz, tap, and lyrical dances.

*BONUS* Headbands are not only stylish, they are also great to hold back stubborn bangs that seem to never stay slicked down!

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