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GRIT Dance Tower or Rac N Roll?

A Comparison of Our Top-Selling Rolling Dance Bags

You've seen them in the dressing room or at your local dancewear store and wondered what these bags were all about. Now that you're overwhelmed with costumes, you're thinking that having a portable closet would be a great place to hang clothes in an organized way during competitions or recitals. When it comes to deciding on a bag with a built-in rack, both the GRIT Dance Tower and the Rac N Roll are great options. In this post, we’ll explore some of the details of each so you can decide which one is right for you.

GRIT Dance Tower

GRIT Dance Tower

It’s only been available for a few years, so the GRIT Tower is the newer bag on the market. However, it was created by a company with a long history of making rugged hockey bags. Designed with competition season in mind, this bag is easy to use and comes with tons of organization tools.

An Upright Dance Bag

First off, the bag stands upright when in use, unlike other competition bags which typically lay flat. For some, this makes it easier to stay organized because it forces dancers to hang things up instead of tossing them into a giant bag where they eventually get lost.

GRIT Dance Tower Features

The GRIT Dance Tower helps keep you organized with:

  • Inner garment storage rings for keeping costumes in place when you're on the go
  • Zippered mesh accessory pockets to keep odds and ends organized
  • A kickstand to keep the bag from tipping when upright
  • An extendable rack that forms a T-shape when in use, perfect for hanging costumes
  • A collapsible base for easy storage when not in use

The GRIT Accessory Pack

In addition to the organization tools included, GRIT also makes an accessory pack that can be purchased to add extra storage to your bag. The accessory pack includes:

  • A shelf system for an extra place to set things down during the hustle and bustle of competitions
  • Mirror designed for makeup and hair touch-ups

Rac N Roll

Rac n Roll Dance Bag

The Rac N Roll is a classic competition bag. This bag has been around for many years and the company has been able to build on its success to create a truly well-made tool for dancers.

The Classic Lay-Flat Dance Bag

This bag lays flat in the classic style, and features an extendable rack that reaches 54” into the air when in use. The large size (comparable to the GRIT Tower) can hold 10-15 costumes on the rack when it’s extended.

Rac N Roll Features

Both sizes of Rac N Roll help keep you organized with:

  • Large interior and exterior pockets, as well as a large mesh pocket for items that need to breathe
  • An extendable rack for hanging costumes
  • Inner garment rings and elasticized straps for keeping costumes in place during travel

Rac N Roll Accessories

There are additional accessories available that can increase the functionality of your Rac N Roll, such as:

  • A hanging mirror for make-up touch-ups and last minute costume checks
  • A cosmetic bag to keep all your make-up in one place
  • A folding stool for a convenient spot to rest

Hopefully this brief comparison helped you figure out which competition bag works best for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or stop by and visit the store to speak with a dancewear professional.

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