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How Can I Save on Dancewear?

Who doesn’t like to save a little money? Even billionaire Warren Buffett brings coupons to eat at McDonald’s! In this post, we’ll break down some ways you can save when shopping for dancewear.

Take Care of Dancewear Items You’ve Already Purchased

Maximizing the value you get out of dancewear items is a great way to save money. If you only have to buy one bodysuit a year instead of 3, your wallet will thank you for it.

  • Wash bodywear gently and let air dry
  • Keep toenails clipped and tidy inside shoes
  • Tighten the taps on tap shoes
  • Treat the leather of dance shoes to extend life
  • Store dance shoes in a mesh bag to allow them to breathe and dry out

Shop During Sales

It might seem obvious, but making sure to shop during sales helps you save a little here and there, which all adds up in the end. Join our VIP list to ensure that you’ve got access to all of our sales and that you stay up-to-date on all opportunities to save.

Shop Used Dancewear

Find out if your studio has a used dancewear program where you can trade or buy used dancewear to save a few dollars. Taking your used dancewear to a local consignment store is a great way to shed any old dancewear you don’t want to have on your hands (and sometimes, they’ll even pay you a little bit to take your items if they’re in great condition).

We hope this post gave you a few ideas on how to save money when shopping for dancewear. If you have any ideas of your own or any questions, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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