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Taking Care of Professional Tap Shoes

If you’re thinking about investing in your first pair of professional tap shoes or are just wanting to know more about how to get the most value out of your professional tap shoes, we’ll be breaking down common ways to care for your shoes in this post.

Shoe Polish

Tap Shoe Leather

Like any leather shoe, it’s a good idea to treat and polish them every few months to make sure that they look great and last as long as possible. Any quality polish or cleaner made for leather shoes can be used on leather tap shoes.

Shoe Laces

Tap Shoe Laces

If you’ve worn through the laces on your tap shoes, they can usually be replaced by a cobbler. Many different styles of laces can also be found online, so if you have a preference, you can change the laces at the beginning.

Taps for Tap Dancing

Tap Shoe Taps

After many years of relentlessly dancing on taps, they can become excessively scuffed, distorted, or even break. To make sure you have the most crisp sound possible, change out the taps every few years. Additionally, the taps will loosen over time, which some dancers prefer. If you like to have a solid-feeling tap and shoe, tighten your taps every few months to make sure they stay in place.

Shoe Inserts  

Tap Shoe Inserts

Many dancers wear inserts to help with arch support, sweaty feet, or just for comfort. If you require or prefer an insert, feel free to add them into your tap shoes. It’s advised that you bring your inserts with you when shopping for tap shoes to make sure that you get the best fit possible.

We hope this post answered any questions you may have had about the care required for tap shoes. If you have any further questions about tap shoes or other dancewear, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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