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What Should I Expect From My First Pair of Pointe Shoes?

Getting your first pair of pointe shoes can be super exciting, but there are some components that not everyone knows about, so we’re here to give a basic breakdown of what you can expect from your first pair of pointe shoes.

Pointe Shoe Fitting Process

Pointe shoes aren’t fitted the same way that other dance shoes are. They require an appointment where the fitter will take careful consideration of the different parts of your foot to make sure that your pointe shoes have an exact fit. Pointe shoes cannot be fitted with any growing room because it could be quite dangerous to the wearer. Keep in mind that to get the proper fit, you may need to purchase accessories to go inside the shoes as well.

Care and Lifespan of a Pointe Shoe

To begin, pointe shoes don’t come ready to wear like other dance shoes. After they’ve been purchased, they still need to have ribbons and elastics sewn onto them in the way your teacher would like them. Next, pointe shoes are very delicate and require a lot of careful attention and maintenance. They last roughly 4 months on average for beginners, but professional dancers can wear through a couple pairs a day.

Feeling of a Pointe Shoe

There’s no way around it - your pointe shoes will hurt quite a bit when you start to use them. Be sure to ask about accessories you can insert to help ease the pain during your fitting. Look into tools and treatments you can use to help your feet recover after you use the shoes.

Hopefully that gave you an idea of what to expect for your first pair of pointe shoes. If you have anything to add, feel free to get in contact with us and let us know.

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