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Why Choose Inspirations Dancewear?

Dancers have no shortage of options when deciding where to buy their dance supplies. We know that. Even non-dance stores are dipping a toe into the dance industry with budget versions of products that resemble dance products.

So why is it that dancers and their parents choose us again and again?

1. Our Staff are Exceptional

We don't say this lightly. We have a unique team of truly wonderful people who care about each other and our customers. They are problem solvers, accountable, and committed to you having the most positive experience possible.

2. Customer Service Superstars

Yeah yeah yeah, everybody says that they good at service. But what does that really mean? A lot of time people equate service to things just working out okay.

But we know real customer service happens when things take an unexpected turn. That's when you can see what a service team is made out of.

3. Dance Product Knowledge

Our new employees start with paid training to get them educated on our tens of thousands of products. We continue to train staff so that they have the information they need to serve you.

Our pointe-shoe fitters are extensively trained senior staff who have gone through comprehensive additional training which includes an apprenticeship period to ensure that you leave with the right shoes for your feet.

4. A Huge Selection of In-stock Dancewear

We have a warehouse because, frankly, we need the space. You'll find that we keep our stock level high year-round and we're constantly updating the products we offer to meet the changing demands of the dance community. Often we can supply and entire class with all their dance shoes and clothing without having to special order any of it.

4. Everything You Need for Dance in One Place

The convenience of not having to run from store to store to find all the products you need for a recital costume or for weekly classes is a huge relief for dance parents. We have everything you need in one place, whether you shop in our store or online.

5. Fast Order Processing

Our system is clean and efficient. We'll get your order processed, packed up and shipped out quickly so that you get your products fast.

6. We Over-Communicate

If we run into a problem with a product is back-ordered, we'll let you know right away. If you're in a hurry, we'll suggest alternate similar products. We won't leave you wondering.

7. Everything in Canadian Prices

All of our products are priced in Canadian dollars. No exchange calculator needed. Yay!

8. Fast Shipping to Anywhere in Canada with No Borders Fees or Delays

Get the products you ordered fast, and avoid having them sit at the Canadian border indefinitely. Plus you also avoid the surprise of additional charges for shipping, brokerage or customs fees when you buy in Canada.

9. The Choice to Shop Canadian

Choosing to support business in Canada is a great idea. When you spend a dollar at a Canadian business, most of that money stays in Canada. It pays salaries, contributes to our tax base, and is used to support other Canadian businesses.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. We do our best to buy from Canadian businesses whenever possible, and we know this is something many of our customers care about as well.

Check out our Canadian Dancewear Brands too!

10. We're fun!

Dance is supposed to be fun and dancewear sure is as well. We have a great time and that gets on our customers.