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Teletone Toe Taps


Teletone Toe Taps TTT from Capezio give an immaculate tap sound and are designed specifically for Capezio oxford and character shoes. Each package contains the fibreboard, taps, nails and screws you need to outfit one pair of shoes. 

Features of the Teletone Toe Taps

  • Aluminum
  • 2 taps for 1 pair of shoes
  • Includes fibreboard, taps, nails and screws

Consult the size chart for best fit. 

Teletone Toe Taps


Product Sizing Guide for Capezio Taps

Tele Tone & Duo Tone 

The left to right measurement is taken along the bottom of the tap at the widest point and the top to bottom measurement is taken from the center line of the tap.

NOTE: that the measurements are that of the entire tap, not the distance between screws. 


Left to Right Top to Bottom
Heel 1 5.5 cm 6 cm
Heel 2 5 cm 5 cm
Heel 3 4 cm 4 cm
Heel 4 4 cm 3.5 cm
Heel 6 3 cm 3 cm


Left to Right Top to Bottom
Toe 1 7.5 cm 7 cm
Toe 2 7.3 cm 6.3 cm
Toe 4 6 cm 5.5 cm
Toe 5 6.5 cm 6 cm