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10 Great Gifts For Dancers

Find the perfect Dance Recital Gifts for your Dancer

Recital season is a fun and exciting time of year. Dancers have been working hard to get their performances ready and they can't wait to show their parents and friends!  Getting a gift for your dancer is a wonderful way to show your support at the end of their performance. In this post, we’ve outlined 10 great gift ideas that you can get for your dancer...

Stuffed Animal Dancer Gift

1. Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal or doll is the perfect gift for those tiny dancers. It is something your dancer can snuggle, sleep with and keep with them for years! What a wonderful reminder of their recital and your support. 

Dancer Wearing Dance Headband

2. Hair Accessories

All dancers need to put their hair up during class. Hair ties or a headband are practical gifts that tell your dancer they did a good job and you hope they continue dancing. 

Dance Necklace on Dancer's Neck

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is an age old and classic gift idea. Why not get your older dancer a small necklace or a fun ring? Many stores also sell earnings and tiaras which dancers can use and reuse in future recitals. 

Flowers in a Vase

4. Flowers

Whether it’s one flower or a whole bouquet, flowers are such an incredible way to express love to your dancer. The fact that they only last a little while makes them extra special!

Picture Frame that say Live Love Dance on it

5. Picture Frame

 A picture frame is something dancers of all ages can keep with them for a long time. It's perfect for their Dance Class Photos or photos you've taken during their recital.

A Burger & Fries on a plate

6. A Meal at a Favourite Restaurant

Dancing takes energy! Going out for a family meal after your dancer's recital is a practical and fun gift! You can even let your dancer take a few friends out and have a fun time together. 

Training Tools for Dance

7. Dance Training Tools

Dance trainging tools are a great gift for dancers who are planning on dancing either through the summer or again the next year. Items like a turning board or massage balls will help them get the most out of their training.

Colouring Book & Colouring Pencils

8. Stationary 

Dance themed colouring books and pencils are a really nice gift for younger dancers. Older dancer might enjoy something more along the lines of a note book or diary. Whatever your dancer's age stationary is a safe choice for a recital gift.  

Dance Apothecary Set

9. Bodycare 

 Bodycare products that help your dancer ease muscle pain and heal their body make amazing gifts. There is nothing more rewarding than a relaxing bath after a week of intense dress rehearsals and performance.

10. Their Favourite Treat

What better way to celebrate a job well done then giving your dancer their favourite snack bar? Weather you bake or buy it they are sure to love it!


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