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Should My Son Dance?

Times are a-changin’, but boys are still somewhat of a rarity in the dance world. If you’re the parent of a boy considering dance, here are some reasons why it’s a great decision.

Male Ballet Dancer

Physical Benefits of Dancing

Dance is really good for the body. It strengthens, tones, and increases flexibility of your muscles and it improves posture. Dancing also increases proprioception (the sense by which we perceive movement and positioning of our body) meaning more coordination and better balance. In fact, some professional football players take ballet lessons to improve their performance on the field. So if your son likes playing other sports and is looking to take his game to the next level, dance classes could be a great thing to try out.


Mental Benefits of Dancing

We know that physical exercise helps improve focus and mood. When we exercise, the body produces endorphins which are directly tied to boosting mood. Dancing is a is an expressive way to get physical exercise plus intense concentration is needed to execute certain moves - which helps improve focus. Dance also tests memory by forcing the dancer to memorize complex steps in a certain order. The benefits of dance classes don't stop at the dance floor. Improving mood, focus and memorization can lead to better grades in school and more success in working life.

Personal Benefits of Dancing

Ballet isn’t something most boys are introduced to, so putting boys into ballet helps build open-minded, cultured members of society. Dance also builds discipline since it requires dancers to be on time for classes, wear the proper attire, and use the proper etiquette while in class. Dance has also been known to greatly improve self-confidence and teamwork skills. Again these benefits  transfer into your son's home life, school life and eventually work life.

Dance is a wonderful art and activity for anyone, so if your son is interested in starting dance then tell him to follow his heart and not let the fear of other's judgement deter him from doing what he loves!

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