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An Ode to Dance Parents

Dance parents make a huge impact on the lives of dancers everywhere. They make things run smoothly, lift us up when we’re down, and keep us motivated to do our very best. With Mother’s day and Father’s day coming up, we wanted to write a post appreciating dance parents and all they do.

Thank you dance parents for:

  1. Keeping us on schedule and making sure we’re in the right place at the right time
  2. Showing your support at shows and competitions
  3. Keeping our stomachs (aka: bottomless pits) full and fueled
  4. Giving up hours and hours of your time to help us do something we love
  5. Keeping us outfitted in the most amazing costumes and dancewear around
  6. All of the incredible behind-the-scenes work you do to help us shine as brilliantly as possible
Dance Parents

We’re forever grateful for dance parents everywhere, you rock!

If you have any questions or comments regarding dancewear, feel free to reach out to us and speak with a dancewear expert.

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