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Balancing Dance and School

School and dance are both hefty commitments that require a lot of time and energy to succeed in. Balancing the two can seem impossible at times, so we’ve compiled a list of ways that we think will help you when you’re having a tough time.

Dance Performance - Balancing Dance and School

Manage Time

Schedule your days out to make sure you know where you have to be, when you have to be there, and what you need to have with you. We’ve found that having a visual representation of our schedule helps reduce the amount of things that need to be kept track of, allowing us to focus on more important things.

Take Care of Yourself

Eat healthy food often. You’ll have jam-packed days and will need all of the fuel you can get. Bring snacks to school, bring them to dance, and make sure you’re drinking enough water. Sleep is also very important for growing minds and bodies, so make sure you’re getting a solid amount each night.

Textbooks - Balancing Dance and School

Build a Strong Support Network

Having friends and family that can help you along the way will make things much easier are more bearable for you. Speak with your teachers and make sure they know what kind of commitment you have to dance and don’t be afraid to ask for extensions on projects or homework if you need them. Pay a visit to your guidance counselor and see if they have any ideas for ways to make things easier for you. See if any of the dancers at your studio go to the same school as you and see if you can set up a carpool from school to dance throughout the week.

While every dancer’s journey is different, we hope this helps any dancers who are struggling with balancing dance and school. If you have any questions related to dancewear, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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