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Bodywear for First-Time Dancers

Tutu Dress for Beginner Dancers

Whether you’re buying for yourself or shopping for a young one, the process of shopping for bodywear can be overwhelming with all of the options that are available. As always, check with your studio/teacher before shopping to see if your class has any uniform requirements. If not, this post will give you a guide for picking out your first dance outfit.


Where is the dance class taking place?

If the dance class is happening at a studio, they’ll likely have a set of requirements or guidelines for you that will make shopping much easier. If it’s happening at a community centre or at school, uniform requirements are generally less strict. In cases like this, choosing an outfit that feels most comfortable for the dancer is usually the best way to go.


Basic or jazzed up?

Especially when shopping for young dancers, people often struggle with choosing between a basic bodysuit and the frilly, sparkly dancewear that kids love. If you have no requirements for the class, picking something flashy that the dancer likes may make it easier to get ready and excited for class. However, with all of the extra bits and bobs, these options can sometimes be less comfortable than their basic counterparts. In higher levels, a basic tank-style dance bodysuit is a safer bet since that’s what dancers tend to wear as they progress.



Skirts and other additions

When it comes to a young dancer’s first class, parents are often eager to outfit them in a tutu. Tutu dresses are a popular option for very young dancers just starting out. As they improve, they likely won’t wear a proper tutu until they reach the intermediate or advanced level. If your dancer is starting ballet, a pull-on ballet skirt is often the style that is recommended by studios. Something like a wrap sweater is also a good idea to have so that dancers stay warm in, before, and after class.


Leotard and Skirt for Beginner Dancers

Which colour?

Colours typically depend on what style of dance is being done. For ballet, light pink and light purple are some of the most popular for young dancers. For jazz and tap, black or navy blue are often used.

Which size?

Each company makes their sizes slightly differently, but most of them generally follow the same patterns. Start off with whatever size t-shirt the dancer wears. In kids sizing, toddler typically fits 2-4, small fits size 4-6, intermediate fits size 6x-7, medium fits 8-10, and large fits 12-14. Note that these numbers are not the age of the dancer, but their t-shirt size. If you want to fit with growing room, have the dancer try on the bodysuit. If you can pull the shoulder straps up and have about an inch of space, they’ve got plenty of room to grow into.

Hopefully this guide gave you a bit to think about when choosing the first dance outfit for your dancer. If you have any further questions about bodywear or other dancewear, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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