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14 Dance Workout Essentials for Home

Are you missing dance class and feeling like you’re falling behind because you can’t get into the studio?

Social distancing has been tough on everyone, and especially dancers, who really need structure, discipline and consistency to keep their bodies in shape. Make sure you maintain your strength and flexibility so you're ready to hit the stage when dance class starts up again.

Home training for dance is a good idea

You can’t get to the studio right now, and hopefully that'll change sooner than later. When it does, be ready to hit the ground running by staying strong and flexible at home. 

girl on floor at home doing splits and smiling

To make sure you have everything you need for training, here is our list of…

14 Dance Workout Essentials for Home

Below are our staff pics for training necessities, including training tools and other great dance gear, including some items to pamper yourself after a great workout. All perfect for enjoying your dance training at home so you can improve your skills and come back to class better than before.

  1. The ultimate "Indoor Pants"! Logan Cashmeresque Sweat Pant
  2. Carpet will wear holes in jazz shoes and ballet slippers. BlochSox and Apolla Shocks are great on carpet. See all our dance socks.
  3. If you're not going to wear shoes or compression socks at all, then the American Dance Supply Ankle Strap gives you extra support you'll need.
  4. You've worked too hard to let those feet get out of shape! Use the Ballet Is Fun Stretch Pro Footstretcher to keep them flexible.
  5. Go deep, with stretches using the Bunheads Yoga Wheel by Capezio.
  6. Bring the dance floor home with the Dot2Dance portable dance floor.
  7. Practice your turns on Turn It Up Turning Boards.
  8. Improve flexibility and strength with the American Dance Supply Ballet Strap and Ballet Strap Junior, which is shorter for younger dancers). Some dancers prefer the thinner Resistance Exercise Bands with no loops.
  9. Suffolk Balance Board for core strength conditioning.
  10. Since dancers at home are on surfaces not intended for dance, and there is no one assisting, they may need the extra protection of Bunheads Knee Pads in case their footing is less than sure.
  11. The FLX Infinity Balls target tiger points and roll out sore muscles.
  12. Arnica Oil Salk Scrub is a favourite for after-dance, made with Arnica Oil, Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Epsom Salt and Sea Salt, for relieving sore muscles, achy joints, and any bruising.
  13. Covet Dance Chocolate Mint Comfort Cream is a wonderful body creme formulated with menthol, peppermint, Arnica and Capsicum to soothe tired muscles.
  14. Covet Dance Apothecary Set is the perfect after dance kit for easing muscle pain, soothing, disinfecting and healing.

If we missed a product you absolutely ❤️ that is great for training at home, be sure to let us know.

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