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How Long do Dance Shoes Last?

One of the most popular questions people ask when shopping for dance shoes is “how long will these last?”. It makes sense, people want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their shoes. In this post, we’ll explain how long different styles of shoes typically last.

Factors to Consider

The longevity of shoes is determined by a wide variety of factors. When thinking about the lifespan of a shoe, consider:

  • What type of shoe is it?
  • Is the dancer still growing?
  • What’s the quality of the shoe?
  • How does the dancer treat the shoes?
  • How often are the shoes being danced in?
  • What type of floor are the shoes being danced on?

Estimated Lifespans of Shoes

This rough estimate is based on someone who’s no longer growing, treats their shoes fairly well, and dances 2 times a week on proper Marley flooring.

Soft Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

6 months - 1 year

Leather Jazz Shoes

Jazz Shoes

6 months - 1 year

Tap Shoes

Tap Shoes

1 year - many years, depending on quality

Turning Shoes



Lyrical (Turning) Shoes

4 months - 6 months

We hope this post has helped to answer any questions you may have had regarding the longevity of your shoes. If you have any further questions about shoes or other dancewear, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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