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Helping Dancers with Flat Feet

In dance, having a high arch is something that is coveted and sought after, but not everyone’s born with naturally high arches. If you’re a dancer with flat feet, we’ll explore some helpful tips in this post to help make your dancing experience as comfortable as possible.

Capezio Arch Support

The Arch support tool from Capezio provides support while lifting your arch and training those muscles to keep your arch lifted. Available in pink and black, Arches can be worn in or over your shoes, depending on the desired result. It’s recommended to work your way up to wearing these for a few hours at a time, as if you try to do that right away it could hurt your foot.

Apolla Dance Shocks

For dancers who like dancing in socks, consider using a Shock. These shoe-like socks feature advanced compression techniques that support your foot to help ease pain and soreness.

Apolla Dance Shocks for Flat Feet

Foot Stretcher

Foot stretchers are a popular tool used to stretch out the top of the foot and improve the arch of the foot. They work by inserting the foot into the pouch at the end of the board and pointing the foot as hard as you can while angling the board downward to stretch as well as possible.

Footstretchers for Flat Feet

Shoe Inserts

If you’re dancing in a sturdier shoe like a tap shoe or a dance sneaker, try putting an insert into them (something like Dr. Scholl’s) to give your foot more support and make dancing slightly more comfortable.

If you’re looking to improve your arch or are experiencing pain from flat feet, we hope that this post answered some questions and gave you some helpful hints. If you have any further questions about dancewear to use for flat feet or dancewear in general, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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