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How to Store Your Professional Tutu

You spend a lot of money throughout the dance season on costumes. Making sure costumes live to see another dance season takes a little extra love and effort. Tutus in particular are likely to lose their shape if not stored properly.

The set of 7 tips for storing tutus below is meant for professional or platter tutus, and not classical tutus (which should be hung upside-down by the panty to maintain volume).

7 Tips for Tutu Storage

Here are seven tips for how to ensure your tutus stay flat and avoid tea-cupping:

1. Lay tutus flat

Although you can fold a tutu upside-down for a short time to transport it without the tutu losing its shape, this is not ideal. If possible store and carry the tutu flat at all times.

2. Store tutus upside down

Make sure your tutus are upside down so that the ruffles are on top. This will help them stay springy and full.

3. Keep your tutu under your bed

Since tutus take up a lot of space, most dancers keep them under their beds. The space under your bed is the perfect shape to store and protect the tutu. Just make sure that other items are not being crammed under there too.

4. Protect them in a tutu bag

A tutu bag will keep the tutu free from dust and dirt, and hold it in place.

Most important of all, the tutu bag will protect against moisture. Moisture will cause the netting to droop.

If you have more than one tutu and only one bag, you can stack a couple of tutus inside the bag. Separate them with a piece of cloth. Make sure to place the heavier tutu on the bottom.

5. Use the right-sized tutu bag

Make sure that width of the bag is bigger than the tutu. A tutu bag that is not wide enough will make the ends of the tutu stick up. This is the last thing you want because it can be next to impossible to get the netting to lay down flat again.

6. Keep the tutu dry

Moisture can do real damage to a tutu. Place a desiccant pack in with the tutu. Desiccant packs absorb moisture. You can buy them, but it's easy enough to just use one from a bottle of vitamins or another product you own.

7. Never put anything on top of your tutu

Any weight on the tutu, for even a short time, can diminish the lift of the ruffles. Or worse, create permanent creases in the tutu. After months in storage, its easy to forget and let other items find their way onto the tutu bag. Don't let that happen.

Hopefully these suggestions will help your tutus keep their silhouette for a long time. If you have any other suggestions for storing tutus, we'd love to read them. Please leave them in the comment box below.

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