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Clear Costume Bags! We Love them!

It's terrible trying to keep your costumes organized at home. Once you add in a chaotic changeroom full of frenzied dancers, it's likely someone will misplace an accessory, or, accidentally pick up someone else's while rushing to get ready. What's worse is that after dancing, costumes get piled into bags. We don't realize until we're settled at home, sometimes days later, that a shoe or a piece of the costume was left behind and is lost for good.

A clear garment bag solves this problem so well that it's hard to imagine how we got by before.

Here's why clear dance bags are so amazingly effective:

garment bag

1. They're see-through!

You can see what's in it without having to open the bag. This makes choosing the right costumes for a day's performances a snap.

The bag is also awesome for packing up after a performance. Both dancers and parents can quickly scan to make sure every piece is accounted for before heading home after an exhaustive day.

garment bag

2. They keep the whole costume organized

Shoes, tights, hairpieces, jewelry, props… Keeping all the items that are part of a costume together speeds up prep and makes packing up effortless.

garment bag

3. They are durable

The plastic in a good clear garment bag is really tough. It can be used for multiple seasons. Great for protecting costumes all year, and for safely storing them for long periods.

4. There is a spot for your name

A front pocket is a great place for a card with the dancer's name, so similar costumes don't get mixed up in the change room.

rac n roll

5. They are an important part of a dancer's competitive toolkit

Clear garment bags enhance the usefulness of big dance duffel bags, which usually include useful features, like telescoping clothing racks and compartments for makeup kits.

It's 'clear' that these bags are a simple and effective tool for organizing costumes, and keeping them that way. Having the right organizing tools is essential to eliminating delays and confusion in the dressing room. Which allows the dancer to focus 100% on what's really important: the performance.

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