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OK Go "I Won't Let You Down" Blends Old School Choreography & Cool Technology

The movie "42nd Street", musical numbers directed by Busby Berkeley. © 1933 Warner Bros. / Courtesy Pyxurz.

Last month's new OK Go video, "I Won't  Let You Down" is a treat. It blends some really old school movie choreography with some inspired modern surprises.

The video starts with a choreographed sequence on high-tech self-balancing unicycles which look extremely odd but oddly graceful. The whole video seems like it may have been shot in one take by a drone camera that starts inside with the band and ends the video flying high in the sky through clouds. It would be amazing if it actually was one take. The choreography is rough, but fun, and loosely reminiscent of big geometric Bugby Berkeley dance numbers from the 1930s.

Overall it's a really enjoyable video with some great visuals, and I thought it was worth sharing. If you have a great dance video to share, post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Watch the "I Won't Let You Down" Video

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