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Yoga Flexibility Stretches for Dancers

Yoga is a great way to take your dance training to the next level by working your muscles and alignment in ways that you normally wouldn’t in class. It can also re-focus your mind, especially after a long day of rehearsals or competition. Below, we have a YouTube video from a channel called Yoga With Adriene which focuses on yoga for dancers and includes some fantastic stretches to help limber up joints and stretch out muscles.

Some of our favourite stretches include:

03:50 - This stretch lengthens the hamstring and will make it easier to go into the splits and help get your kicks higher.

05:00 - This exercise opens the hip flexors and strengthens the glutes and hamstrings. This will help get arabesques and penchés higher in ballet.

12:20 - This set will help strengthen legs and back, and improve balance.

18:10 - This stretches the hip adductors which will help with middle splits, russian jumps, and grand pliés.

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