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Benefits of Buying from a Dance Store

The temptation to buy your dancewear from a non-dance store can be high, especially when it’s convenient and cheap. In this post, we’ll explore some reasons why it makes much more sense to purchase your dance gear from a bonafide dance store like Inspirations.

Childrens Dance Dresses

Quality Products

You may think you’re saving money when buying from a non-dance store, but in reality you’ll be greatly compromising on quality. The difference can be quite apparent in comfort, fit, and functionality of the clothing. For example, we’ll use a bodysuit. Most dance bodysuits are made with a comfortable lining designed to wick away moisture and fit the body in a flattering way. Most “regular” bodysuits have no lining, and are made from cheap fabrics that can chafe the wearer, trap moisture, and fit in strange and uncomfortable ways.

Educated Staff

Having a knowledgeable staff member help you with dancewear makes a massive difference. Even if you have a high-quality bodysuit, it can end up being a hindrance if it’s not fitted properly. Interacting with someone who actually knows about the dance world and dancewear will make your life much, much easier.

Dancewear Display

Support Local Business

Buying from a store like Inspirations over a place like Walmart is great for the local economy. It helps your neighbours stay employed, is environmentally beneficial, and keeps a significantly larger amount of money in the area than nationally/internationally owned businesses do.

All in all, it’s in your best interest to shop at a dance-centric store over a fast-fashion chain or big box store. Come in and experience the difference yourself!

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