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Dancing with Bunions

Bunions can be quite a pain to dance around (literally!). In this post, we’ll explore some ways that you can make dancing a bit easier with bunions.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bump formed on the side of the big toe, usually as a result of the bone of the big toe pushing against the bone of the second toe. They can become swollen and sore, especially when dancing.

How Do I Treat Bunions?

As always, consult a trusted healthcare professional before attempting any self treatment.


Spacers for Bunions

Bunions are typically simple to care for, and there are many ways to do so. When it comes to dance, people will often put something called a spacer in their shoes. Spacers are a type of gel padding that help realign and cushion the toe. The brand Bunheads makes very popular polymer gel spacers in different sizes:

  1. Standard Spacer
  2. Super Spacer
  3. Space Pack

Commonly used in pointe shoes, these spacers can actually be used in other types of shoes as well. American Dance Supply also makes a high-quality spacer sleeve that you can slide onto your toe which can help if you find the other types of spacers slide around too much. Suffolk makes a powder called Spacer Saver that helps to keep your spacers clean and fresh so you can use them for longer.

Fit of Shoe

When you have a bunion, it’s better to be fitted for a wide-fitting shoe that gives your foot room so that it isn’t being squeezed more than it has to. Ask your shoe specialist if the shoe you’d like comes in different widths, and see how the wider one feels.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email, give us a phone call, or simply drop by the store to speak with a dancewear professional.

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