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What Are Warm-Up Booties Used For?

Like any athlete, dancers need to make sure that their muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are warm and pliable in order to perform at their highest potential and to reduce risk of injury. But why do some dancers wear booties on their feet for this process? In this post, we’ll explain why.

Indoor Outdoor Warm Up Booties

What Warm-Up Booties Are

Perfect for dancers of any age, warm-up booties are almost like little sleeping bags for your feet. Typically made from nylon stuffed with cotton they help speed up the warm-up process and even out the warmth to ensure that every part of the foot and ankle is nice and toasty. They’re comfortable to wear and are especially nice in the winter when you have cold toes.

Keeping Dance Shoes Clean

Many dancers will wear them with their costumes and remove the booties once they get backstage. On top of keeping feet and ankles warm, they do this to keep tights and shoes pristine for performance.

Keep your dance shoes clean with warm-up booties

Types of Warm-Up Booties

Not all booties are created equal. Inspirations offers classic booties, indoor/outdoor booties, and fashion booties for dancers of all styles.

Classic Warm-Up Booties

The classic booties are by far the most popular. The soft bottom is made to be worn indoors (preferably on dance floors). This comfy sole is what allows you to fully point your foot during warm-up so that you and your teacher can still work on technique. A good example is the classic warm-up booties from DTTROL.

Indoor/Outdoor Warm-Up Booties

These booties are for the dancer on the go. Made for quick trips between the car and the studio, indoor/outdoor booties have an EVA sole on the bottom that makes them much more durable than a classic warm-up bootie. Keep in mind that they aren’t waterproof or made to be worn in the snow, so don’t toss away your winter boots just yet. Come check out the So Dança booties at Inspirations.

So Danca Warm-Up Boots

Fashion Warm-Up Booties

If you like to stand out in the studio, fashion booties are a good option. Dynamic colours and patterns make a statement no matter where you wear them.

Come visit Inspirations and try some warm-up booties for yourself to see how they feel.

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