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Unique Christmas Gifts for Dancers: Staff Picks!

November is practically gone and Christmas is around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about great Christmas gifts for your dancer. This week at Inspirations, we had lots of fun choosing our favourite item from the store and compiling them into a list of gift ideas for your dancing loved ones.

I was also able to guilt-trip persuade my fellow staff members into taking goofy pictures with their favourite item. So, without further ado, let’s get into the 2014 Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide!

sugar and bruno

Kelsey’s Pick: Sugar & Bruno D6756 Stella Sweater in Light Pink - $70.99

Kelsey loves this gorgeous sweater from Sugar and Bruno because it keeps her warm and stylish throughout the colder months.

Its warming abilities definitely got put to the test when we took this photo because it was really, really cold outside that day. While taking the photo of Kelsey, I was catching a frigid winter’s chill. But just look at how happy and warm Kelsey is!


ballet lights

Jamie’s Pick: Kurt Adler UL4203 Ballet Slippers Light Set - $16.99

Jamie picked out these Kurt Adler ballet lights because she thinks they’d make a great addition to any bedroom or studio waiting room. Her pal (Stan the nutcracker,) seconded her choice because he thinks they’d look phenomenal on any Christmas tree! Now how could you argue with the likes of these friendly folks? Grab yours before they’re gone!

harem pants

Renata’s Pick: Zeal Co. 82212 Twin Zipper Harem Pant in Denim Acid Wash - $67.00

Renata loves these Zeal Co. Harem pants because they’re incredibly comfortable and make her feel like she’s a superstar hip-hopper! These pants are suitable for both boys and girls and they’ve been scientifically proven to add street-style to any outfit (trust us, we know what we’re talking about!). Great for keeping warm at workshops and in class.

dance water bottle

Dana’s Pick: Sugar and Bruno D6936 Keltie Keep Calm Water Bottle in Assorted Colours - $17.00

Dana is all about staying healthy and hydrated all year round, which is why she loves to drink 3 full water bottles every fifteen minutes! Okay, so she might not drink that much water in a day, but she definitely makes sure that all of the staff are well hydrated and stay healthy by encouraging us to bring our water bottles for every shift!

Dana also likes the fact that these water bottles come with a spot for your name on the back so that you can always tell which bottle is yours in the studio. These bottles will make an awesome stocking stuffer for any dancer.

canvas quote

Sam’s Pick: Queen of My Heart Canvas Art featuring Assorted Quotes- $29.99

Sam loves to laugh, and these beautifully hand-crafted canvas art pieces make her do just that with their clever quotes. One of Sam’s personal favourites is:

“We can’t ALL be Princesses, someone has to clap when I go by!”

These wall hangings are sure to bring some extra laughter and joy during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to pick some up next time you’re in the store or online!

keep calm and tap

Laura’s Pick: Motionwear 6949 Keep Calm and Tap Tee - $26.00

For her pick, Laura chose this comfy t-shirt from Motionwear. Tap is one of her favourite styles of dance and she feels like this shirt really brings out her inner tap-goddess! This is a great gift for that special dancer who has an affinity for tap. This versatile t-shirt can be worn inside the studio or out on the street! A marvelous addition to any wardrobe.

plie tendu tee

Danielle’s Pick: Sugar and Bruno D6988 Plié Tendu Relevé Tee - $38.00

Danielle decided to go with one of her favourite t-shirts for her pick. She especially likes this shirt because the fabric blend is soft to the touch and is slightly stretchy which allows for a wide range of movement. This is an amazing gift for students and teachers alike. With a nice mix of form-fitting and flowy, this shirt definitely makes Danielle feel extra graceful whenever she wears it!


infinity scarf

Matt’s Pick: Capezio CK1004W Knit Infinity Scarf in Peppercorn Grey - $24.99

Matt gets cold very easily, so he needs something extra to keep him warm during the chilly parts of the year. This Knit Infinity Scarf is remarkably warm and outrageously comfortable, and it makes Matt feel like a movie star! Perfect for any dancer, this scarf definitely helps keep your body cozy in between classes and throughout the day.

Unfortunately, some of our staff members are secret agents for the dance government camera-shy and seem to vanish whenever a camera comes out, so not all of the Inspirations family is represented in this post. Despite that, we do hope that you enjoyed the 2014 Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide.

Have a happy and safe time shopping for your loved ones, and remember, we’d love to have you come visit us at Inspirations and help get you inspired for this holiday season.

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