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What is a Dance Shock?

You’ve heard of a shoe. You’ve heard of a sock. But what about a Shock? Introducing the Shock from Apolla Performance Wear: a sock that uses advanced compression technology to stabilize the foot and ankle, lift the arch, and absorb excess energy, just like a shoe!

Styles of Shocks

Inspirations Dancewear offers three styles of Apolla Dance Shocks: the Alpha Shock, Performance Shock, and Infinite Shock. All three feature increased compression around the ankle and arch to lift, stabilize, and support the foot. They also feature a snug fit around the toe to accentuate the foot and keep you looking your best on stage. Read on to find out more about the individual advantages to each style!

Alpha Shock

If you love half-soles (AKA turners,) the Alpha Shock could be for you! This Shock features an open heel and an “Achilles Comfort Point” on the portion of the Shock that extends around the back of the foot. With a low-v profile, these Shocks highlight the natural shape of your foot and extend your lines during practice and performance. They last longer and are more durable than a typical turning shoe as well. Woven with standard level 1 support, these shocks are great for lyrical, contemporary, and jazz.

Alpha Dance Shock

Performance Shock

Cut off just below the calf, the Performance Shock offers level 2 support to further stabilize the ankle and lift the arch. These Shocks also feature higher compression under the heel and toes to absorb excess energy when landing on your feet. Circulation and muscle recovery are boosted by the moderate compression across the top of the foot and ankle, which also helps keep the Shock in place. This Shock is the most popular style and is designed to be performed in. Modern, contemporary, and lyrical dancers will love this Shock.

Performance Dance Shocks

Infinite Shock

The Infinite Shock offers the highest level of support with level 3 compression. With targeted zones around the ankle, heel, arch, and toes, this Shock is best for someone who wants maximum stability and lift when dancing in socks. The fitted opening around the calf helps give a seamless line and keep the Shock in place. Athletic-grade compression along the front of the foot and calf ensure optimal blood flow and muscle recovery. Stretch fabric in the toes allows the wearer to spread their foot and fully feel the floor while dancing. These Shocks are great for modern and contemporary dance.

Infinite Dance Shock

Do I need added traction?

Every Shock is available with or without an invisible layer of traction on the bottom. Some dancers prefer this traction because it helps you grip the floor better than a normal sock. If you’re mostly using your Shocks on dance flooring, Apolla recommends that you get Shocks with traction. The non-traction Shocks are meant for more stationary activity (instructing, yoga, etc.), dancing on carpet at conventions, or for dancers who just enjoy the gliding ability of normal socks on dance flooring. If you plan on wearing your Shocks inside shoes, non-traction is also recommended.

How do I care for my Shocks?

Dance Shocks are woven from a high-tech blend of fibres that feature antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. They’re designed this way to minimize the absorption of sweat and bacteria, which keeps your Shocks fresh for longer. If you have the invisible traction on the bottom, keep in mind that water will naturally break down the layer of traction on your Shocks, so only wash when absolutely necessary. According to Apolla’s website, Shocks can be treated like a shoe - they don’t need to be washed every day or even every week. Please note that the support of Shocks will typically begin to break down after roughly 6-9 months of being danced in.

Shocks are a cutting-edge revolution in the dance world, come try them out for yourself!

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