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Who Benefits from a Capezio Arch Support?

The Arch from Capezio is a tool used to stabilize and provide proper support for the arch of the foot - but is it for everyone? In this post we’ll take a look at what it does and who could stand to benefit from using one.

Capezio Arch Support on Dancer

Who Does the Arch Support Work For?

Definition for Dancers with Flat Feet

In people with flatter feet, the Arch works to pull the arch up and define it more clearly. This results in the arch being more pronounced which can be an advantage in a range of styles. The silicone band is slim and fits closely to the foot, which means that it can be used inside most shoes and even outside a slim shoe like a ballet slipper or some jazz shoes.

Support for Dancers with High Arches

For those with high arches, the repetitive pressure of jumping and landing on a hard floor without support can quickly create fatigue in the foot. The Arch gives that support so you can dance for longer without feeling the same soreness.

Stability for Pointe Dancers

Dancing in pointe shoes is hard work and can have a huge effect on your feet. Wearing an Arch can help you feel more comfortable en pointe and can give you more stability. Using the Arch outside of the shoe can take the place of vamp elastic, which saves some time sewing.

Capezio Arch Support for Dancers

We’re excited about this innovative tool and can’t wait to see what you think. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to get in contact with us and let us know.

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